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The company is environment conscious; its operations are aimed at creating minimum disturbance to the environment. All process wastes are recycled and all effluents minimized and treated before discharge. Our product, Self-Grooving Rubber Roller is the solution to end the chromium related environmental hazards related to usage of CCLC leather rollers in conventional cotton ginning machines. This product is the outcome of pioneering research work spread over 5 years in association with Central Institute for Research on Cotton Technology (CIRCOT).

Various studies have confirmed the presence of very high level of chromium in the atmospheric air surrounding the ginning machines (using CCLC Leather rollers) and in ginned products (cotton and seed).Ginning mill workers are exposed to toxic effects of chromium and are likely to get effected by skin diseases and lung infections including lung cancer. The high incidence of brown lung disease (byssinosis) among ginning mill workers is an established fact. Consumption of edible oil extracted from contaminated cotton seeds may cause liver damages.

The Self-Grooving Rubber Roller does not contain any chromium compounds and hence the operation of the Ginning Machine using these rollers does not emit hazardous chromium wastes. Change over to the eco-friendly rubber rollers from the CCLC rollers will permanently solve the chromium contamination problem prevalent in cotton roller ginning industries at present.

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